Police in riot gear working to disperse the rally

Police officers in riot gear has been mobilized to disperse the ongoing opposition rally calling to implement the Supreme Court ruling on 1 February 2018.

People are being arrested as the police are focusing their efforts in front of the MDP campaign hall.

At the press conference held yesterday, Spokesperson of the police, Superintendent Ahmed Shifan said that they have received intelligence reports that say a group of people are working to create unrest in the country.

Yesterday, Superintendent Shifan said that with Articles 31 and 32 suspended with the state of emergency, in this situation, public gathering cannot be allowed tomorrow and advised the public not to avail to the call by the oppositions to join the rally.

Police have entered the MDP campaign hall and are bringing out the protesters inside. And they are working to disable the sound system being used in the area.

They have used pepper spray on the crowd and pushed them back.