Maldivian's Airbus A320 returns to commercial service

Maldivian announces Airbus A320 returns to commercial service -- Photo/ Maldivian

Island Aviation Services (IAS) the parent company and operator of the national airline, Maldivian on Sunday announced the return of its Airbus A320 aircraft to commercial service.

Earlier, it was announced the Airbus aircraft was grounded following technical issues.

A media official confirmed at Maldivian's WhatsApp media group that the aircraft recently underwent maintenance and repair at the Sepang Engineering in Malaysia to address the minor technical issue, and to undergo a pre-scheduled engineering service.

Maldivian in its statement said the aircraft is expected to land by 13:06hrs on Sunday afternoon, and will "waste no time taking to the skies" again.

The A320 is scheduled from Male' to Dhaka at 21:00hrs on Sunday evening, Maldivian added.