MVR 80 million pending in dues to fishermen

Maldivian fishermen fishing. (Sun File Photo)

The state fisheries company, MIFCO, on Tuesday, revealed that MVR 80 million are pending in dues to local fishermen as of present.

MIFCO told Sun that the payments for the pending dues will be issued either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

It was noted by the company that payment was last disbursed to fishermen in April. Henceforth, the company said the pending dues were incurred during May and this month.

Local fishermen have protested on multiple occasions owing to significant delays in receiving payments for the fish they sold to MIFCO. The concerns have resurfaced once again following the current delay in settling the remaining outstanding amount.

The new administration has pledged to resolve delays in the disbursement of payments for fishermen. Fisheries Minister Ahmed Shiyam has previously remarked that the administration was undertaking efforts to facilitate instant payment for fishermen, upon weighing their catches.