Aged Care celebrates 20th anniversary vibrantly

Aged Care celebrates 20th anniversary -- Sun Photo/ Moosa Nadheem

Aged Care Maldives hosted vibrant celebrations on Wednesday evening to mark its 20th annivesary.

Former Maldives Vice President Faisal Naseem officiated the celebrations held at Meerumaa Event Hall. The event was attended by senior government officials and both current and former members of Aged Care.

Speaking at the ceremony, Aged Care's co-founder and CEO Dr. Aminath Jameel said the organization was founded with the aim of providing sustainable and comprehensive services to the elderly citizens, and highlighted the company was first run as a clinic.

She also highlighted generous assistance from multiple individuals since 2008, and talked about the challenges Aged Care faced throuhgout its two-decades of operations.

"Elderly citizens' population has been growing day by day, so we need to give extra consideration about this, and just from our organization alone, but expansive efforts need to be taken to address this," she said.

Aminath also thanked the members and staff of Aged Care for their dedication as well.

Speaking at the ceremony, the former Vice President highlighted 20 years was not a short period. He said that careful consideration should be given to the growing elderly population.

He also said that the Maldivian people must acknowledge of prevailing albeit seldom practice of isolating elderly citizens in the community. Faisal said that the community should unite in ensuring joyful living experiences for the elderly population as well.

At the ceremony, commemorative plaques were awarded to those who had extended help to Aged Care for years, including Aged Care's digital partner, SS Media.

Aged Care was established in 2004 to provide services and advocate for the rights of the elderly citizens.

The organization became a recipient of the 'Emirates Health Foundation Prize' in 2011 as well.

Aged Care was founded by former Minister of Health Dr. Aminath Jameel and her husband Mohamed Ismail Manik.