244 dengue cases in April, other cases decline

HPA confirmed 244 cases of dengue fever were reported in April 2024 -- Sun Photo/ Fayaz Moosa

Health Protection Agency (HPA) on Tuesday has said a total of 244 cases of dengue fever were reported in April, while cases of other diseases declined.

Statistics from the agency showed dengue fever cases had spiked in April compared to March 2024, with a total of 119 new cases reported in April.

HPA added 22,739 cases of common cold were reported in April, which is a 10,898 decline compared to March total.

Eight cases of influenza and 2,714 cases of diarrhea were reported last month as well; both diseases saw decline compared to March figures.

Diseases contracted from mosquitoes have gone up recently owing to the wet season, which often results in the collection of stagnant water into open containers. Cases of dengue fever and chikungunya are on the rise, according to HPA.

The agency also cautioned public to take preventive measures against mosquitoes and mosquito bites, including the use of mosquito repellents and anti-mosquito lotions, draining stagnant waters, and cleaning the home at least once a week.

The agency also advised to keep the doors and windows closed during peak hours for mosquitoes; which are during dawn and dusk.