Aslam: This parliamentary assembly carried out the most work in the past 92 years

Speaker Mohamed Aslam chairs a parliamentary sitting. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Aslam states the 19th parliamentary assembly carried out the most work to date since the parliament was incepted 92 years ago.

The last sitting of the 19th parliamentary assembly which is set to complete its electoral term on Wednesday was held today.

Speaker Aslam, who presided over the sitting, shared a brief of all the work undertaken by the assembly in the past five years while delivering concluding remarks.

He noted that this was the fourth parliamentary term he was concluding. He added that he was concluding the current term proudly although he does not have a place in the incoming 20th parliamentary assembly. 

According to Speaker Aslam, 530 sittings have been held during the 19th parliamentary assembly, alongside 3,794 committee meetings. Work on 178 bills and 74 resolutions were carried out. 152 motions submitted by the government, 104 motions submitted by the chair and 48 motions submitted by other lawmakers were reviewed.

Speaker Mohamed Aslam chairs a parliamentary sitting. (Photo/People's Majlis)

The speaker also noted that work related to crucial matters had been undertaken by the 19th parliamentary assembly such as approving the state budget.

As such, he extended gratitude to all lawmakers, committee chairpersons and the parliament secretariate staff for all their hard work. He also extended gratitude to constituents of his North Hithadhoo constituency.

“I want to say that although it was not in the cards for me to remain in the 20th parliamentary assembly, I will remain committed to working in politics, upholding human rights, ensuring

“My Duh is for our beloved nation to be blessed with victory, luck, and success. For prosperity and development always,” he said.

The Maldivian parliament - People's Majlis - was incepted in 1932 with the first-ever constitution.