Kaani Hotels earns USD 4M in four months with stays from over 16,000 tourists

Kaani Beach Hotel in K. Maafushi.

Kaani Hotels has recorded a significant revenue with 2.12 percent of the tourist arrivals to the Maldives so far this year staying at various properties of the company. 

Tourists from various nations have stayed at Kaani Hotels' properties – one of the most prominent guesthouse operators in the Maldives – from the start of this year, to date.

In this regard, statistics show that the greatest number of tourists, as of April 30th, stayed at Kaani Hotel. A total of 4,383 reservations were made for the property, accounting for 9,754 tourists. These reservations generated the company USD 2.53 million.

Meanwhile, Kaani Grand generated USD 1.86 million. Kaani Beach generated USD 394,555 while Kaani Village generated USD 262,662.

A total of 772,651 tourists have traveled to the Maldives as of April 30th – out of which 16,355 tourists stayed at Kaani properties. This accounts for 2.12 percent of the total arrivals.

Kaani Hotels is presently developing a 350-bed hotel in AA. Ukulhas as part of their business expansion plans.