Ramadan discount on electricity bills done right: STELCO

STELCO Managing Director Hussain Fahmy; he along with Fenaka Corporation MD Muaz Mohamed Rasheed said the discounts for Ramadan's electricity bills were extended properly -- Photo/ President's Office

The two government utility providers, State Electric Company (STELCO) and Fenaka Corporation, on Sunday said the discount extended to the electricity bills of Ramadan were properly calculated.

Earlier, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu announced to extend discount on the amount that exceeds the average consumption rate, owing to the comparatively higher surge in the electricity consumption rate in Ramadan.

The utility providers issued their bills for Ramadan at the same average consumption rate as other months, as confirmed by the Utility Regulatory Authority earlier.

Although the government and utility providers confirm discounts extended to households, many of the general consumers have been complaining they did not observe any change to their bills for Ramadan.

STELCO Managing Director Hussain Fahmy and his Fenaka Corporation coutnerpart Muaz Mohamed Rasheed responded to the complaints at Sunday's press conference at the President's Office.

Fahmy assured the electricity consumption was billed ensuring convenience of the consumers, but noted that some changes from previous months may have rolled over to the Ramadan month's bill.

He further highlighted the inconvenience in reading the meters on the first and last day of Ramadan owing to the billing cycle, but assured the billed period was in fact, correct.

"We focused on providing ease for the public when we issued the bills," Fahmy said.

Fenaka Corporation's head also assured there were no issues the company's meter readings for the month as well.

Both utility providers have incurred a combined drop of MVR 40 million in their revenues in facilitating the discounts.