Missing boat found using drones

Drone footage confirming the location of the fishing vessel that went missing near Meemu atoll Raiymandhoo on Saturday afternoon; vessel was discovered 23 nautical miles outside of the island -- Photo/MNDF

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) on Saturday afternoon confirmed finding Meemu atoll Maduvvari vessel, that went missing while out on a fishing trip earlier on the same day.

MNDF confirms discovering the vessel 23 nautical miles out of Raiymandhoo, from where it was reported missing. The authority confirmed the vessel had drifted owing to a non-functional engine, but said all three crew members on board were found in stable condition.

Earlier, an MNDF media official confirmed the crew members were all locals from Kaafu atoll Maafushi.

The authority said MNDF Air Corps' unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) unit and Coast Guard vessels were utilized in the search and rescue operation.