Fenaka awards Addu power plant project to Dongfeng Electric

Fenaka Corporation contracts China's Dongfeng Electric to develop 30-megawatt power plant in Addu City --

Fenaka Corporation on Thursday has contracted China's Dongfeng Electric International for the development of a 30-megawatt power plant in Addu City to resolve the upper-southern city's electricity shortage.

After the contract signing, Fenaka Corporation's Managing Director Muaz Mohamed Rasheed said Addu City has been dealing with insufficient electrical output for years.

While highlighting efforts by preceding administrations to resolve the issue, Muaz said the new power plant project is poised to resolve the city's power inefficiency permanently for the next 25 years.

The state-of-the-art power plant will have a 30-megawatt power output capacity, Muaz said.

"Addu City's prevailing electricity issues will be permanently fixed with this new plant, which we intend to develop through various phases," he commented.

Under the first phase, the contractor will install two 9.8-megawatt genset and two more 5.8-megawatt genset. The plan will feature potential to increase the output to 50-megawatt, Muaz said.

"The project will facilitate electricity services to the adjoined islands of Addu City, it would also provide the service to Hulhudhoo and Meedhoo once the islands are connected to the mainland via a bridge," Muaz added.

Muaz also noted it was a contractor-financed initiative, requiring Fenaka Corporation to repay the project value within 12 years. He added the initiative's funding has been secured without a negative impact to the corporation's revenue.

While Fenaka has contracted Dongfeng Electric to resolve Addu City's power shortage, electricity outages are common in various islands tehse days, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu earlier said the power generators in several islands were in poor condition. He further promised the current government has been working to resolve the issue nationwide as well.