Fenaka imports 800 kW engine to resolve Kulhudhuffushi power issue

Kulhudhuffushi City -- Photo/ PSM

Fenaka Corporation on Thursday, has imported a new 800 kilowatt generator to resolve the ongoing power outage issue in Kulhudhuffushi City.

Fenaka Corporation's Kulhudhuffushi City powerhouse in charge Mamdhooh Ali confirmed to 'Sun' that the engine has been brought to the city already.

Mamdhooh said they already installed the setup transformer required to power up the engine, and added they were now working to energize the transformer to connect the engine to the electrical network.

"Insha Allah, we can provide a permanent solution to the issue today," Mamdhooh said.

A local of Kulhudhuffushi said the city was another electrical outage around 09:40hrs on Thursday morning owing to power overloading. The individual also highlighted the issue has been persisting for nearly a month.

Fenaka had cut power from various locations of the city for one hour in the past two days, in a bid to keep the power from overloading.

The city experienced the recent power cut, first on Monday after the control modules of three out of the seven generators fried due to a transformer malfunction.

While electricity outages are common in various islands these days, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu earlier said the power generators in several islands were in poor condition. He further promised the current government has been working to resolve the issue nationwide as well.