No relief for Kulhudhuffushi, power cuts continue

Kulhudhuffushi City -- Photo/ AbuIsh

Without relief for the continued power outages, Kulhudhuffushi City's electricity service provider, Fenaka Corporation, has decided to cut power on Wednesday as well.

On Tuesday, Fenaka released a schedule under which it would continue to disconnect electricity for one hour from various areas of the city. 

The utility provider had followed this schedule on Tuesday, and will follow it on Wednesday as well.

Fenaka Corporation said it will began disconnecting power from 12:00hrs onward, and added that it was required to cut power to ensure the power output does not get overloaded.

Speaking with 'Sun', the corporation's media official said Fenaka was working to provide a permanent solution to the issue.

Earlier on Monday, the control modules in three out of the seven generators used at Kulhudhuffushi powerhouse fried due to a transformer malfunction, resulting in the power cut.

State Electric Company (STELCO) dispatched one of its technical teams to Kulhudhuffushi on the same day upon Fenaka's request. 

On Monday evening, Fenaka confirmed the issue was resolved, but the Kulhudhuffushi City experienced its next power cut the following day.

Power outages is common across several islands lately, while President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu earlier said that the generators used in multiple islands were in poor condition. He had affirmed the government was now working on solving the challenges faced in the utility sector.