Health workers upset on work without OT

Health professionals, industry affiliates, and other sympathizers gathered during a previous protest demanding worker rights -- Photo/ Maldives Health Professionals Union

Health professionals reveal concerns of working on over-time condition without the respective allowance.

Maldives Health Professionals Union released a statement on Saturday highlighting the law grants a maximum of 10% of basic salary as over-time allowance per month, while the law further states that over-time work cannot exceed this monetary limit either.

The union claimed employees are now made to work overtime without providing them sufficient allowance since the new pay framework came into effect. It noted that despite the pay framework dictating otherwise, health workers are forced to work significantly beyond the allowed overtime period.

Moreover, the union argued it was their opinion that health workers are not required to work exceeding the overtime amount allowed for them under the pay framework.

The statement further highlights Maldives is party to seven general conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO), including the convention against 'forced labor'.

While health workers have raised concern on the lack of sufficient OT, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu had earlier announced a special allowance for employees required to work during the last 10 days of Ramadan; which has been designated as a public holiday period by the government.