Regulation bans business transactions with individuals linked to civil servants

Finance Minister Dr. Mohamed Shafeeg addresses the parliament on November 22, 2023. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Finance Ministry has formulated regulation that bans business transactions with certain individuals linked to civil servants. 

The regulation was formulated for the purpose of ensuring an independent and fair procurement process by sidelining staff with personal interests.

As per the regulation, business transactions between a staff and a party linked to them can only be conducted subject to a permit which should be sought in writing before initiating the transaction.

Staff which a government office is not allowed to conduct business transactions with:

The most senior staff in finance section

The most senior staff in the department related to the procurement

An executive-level staff approving the procurement

A member of the bid committee or other committees related to procurement

A staff who evaluates, assist in the evaluation or is a member of the evaluation committee of the bid

Head of finances or secretary general

Those considered to have links to a staff: 

Those who have familial links (spouse, children, siblings, half-siblings, parents, stepchildren, parents and siblings of spouse)

If the applicant bidding for the procurement is a business associate of the staff

If the applicant bidding for the procurement pays the salary of the staff


The regulation bars permit for permanent business transactions with a party linked to a staff under any circumstances.