Nominations open for Rehendhi Award 2024

The ceremony held to confer the Rehendhi Award in a previous year. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The Ministry of Social and Family Development has opened for ‘Rehendhi Award 2024’.

Annually conferred since 2014 in conjunction with Women’s Day, ‘Rehendhi Award’ is aimed at recognizing the work of women in different categories on a national level in addition to the role of women in national development and building the society.

The Ministry states the award is a special award conferred for the purpose of empowering women, adding that it is also aimed at increasing the participation of women in national development and encouraging more participation of women in national service.

Furthermore, the Ministry said the award is also aimed at recognizing the successes of women and increasing the percentage of women in sectors lacking participation of women and in sectors that are being newly introduced to society.

Recipients of the award will be decided by ‘Rehendhi Award Evaluation Committee’; a committee formed for the purpose by the Ministry. As per the Ministry, recipients of the award will receive a shield and a brooch that can be worn for national occasions.

Nominees who meet the requirements for the award from the nominees who submit the application form alongside supporting documents will receive the award, said the Ministry. 

Nominations can be filed in two main categories; 

1) Individuals, organizations and associations category in the following areas

Leadership and governance

Economic empowerment

Social empowerment

Women in non-traditional roles

2) Women’s Development Committees category

The application form alongside all supporting documents can be submitted via email or in person at the office building of the Ministry on working days between 9:00am and 2:00pm.

The deadline to submit applications is 2:00pm on April 18th. The application form and guidelines for the award can be viewed on the Ministry’s website.


The Ministry has urged applicants to ensure supporting documents submitted by them are proof of work carried out or successes achieved in the respective category they are applying.