MNU's ‘Theveli’ conference to be held in August

People attend the Theveli Conference in 2018.

Maldives National University (MNU) is scheduled to hold its annual international research conference, Theveli, in August.

As per the university, submission for the conference that will be held from August 19th to August 20th is now open. Research papers from any area could be submitted for the conference including health, fisheries and agriculture.

The deadline to submit research papers is May 23rd.

MNU states the university will be sharing an online link to register for the conference, adding further information regarding the matter will be available on their website.

Thevel conference continues to receive increased support year by year, reported the university. In this regard, a total of 143 research papers were submitted to the conference last year.

The conference, held since 2017, is one of the biggest conferences held in Maldives, with presentations of academic research from scholars of various disciplines.

According to MNU, the main purpose of holding the conference is to increase research and research network, provide a platform for research papers for various and increase Maldives’ visibility among international universities.