MDP allege cover up of Edu Ministry's incompetency

During a previously held press conference of MDP -- Photo: Majilis

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) on Thursday, alleged Minister of Education Dr. Ismail Shafeeu has lied to cover up the ministry's incompetency.

In a statement, MDP claimed the minister placed blame on the opposition party's MPs to deflect concerns raised during Tuesday's parliament sitting. 

The opposition party further alleged the minister had lied to hide the incompetency of Education Ministry's senior officials, and condemned the statements made by Shafeeu.

According to MDP, the subsequent pressure due to the government's decision to revert the academic calendar was pinned on the opposition party's MPs.

MDP said it was concerned about the state's decision to revise examination dates of students as well.

On the academic calendar released by the ministry, examination period has been set from March 16th to April 27th, granting only a three-day period to mark the papers and prepare students' academic reports, which MDP argued will be detrimental for the teachers.

The party further said students will receive only two academic days if examinations commence after Ramadan and Eid holidays. MDP criticized the ministry's decision to set SSC examination on April 25th, noting it constraint the preparation time for students.

While noting that the academic calendar was revised to commence examination two days before the last 10 days or Ramadan, MDP questioned how the parliament was pressured to make said decision.

MDP said such impulsive decisions by the state without counsel would bear negative results for the students, and called out to the ministry to be responsible in its decision making.