Akram: Binveriya plots issued as per HDC land use plan

Former State Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, and the chair of the housing committee for social housing schemes, Akram Kamaluddin -- Sun Photo: Infinite Movements/ Moosa Nadheem

Former State Minister of the Ministry of Housing, and the chair of the then housing committee, Akram Kamaluddin, on Monday said the plots under Binveriya social housing scheme were issued as per the land use plan provided by the Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

Akram's made the statement in response to HDC's Monday claims that some plots in Hulhumale' Phase II under the social housing scheme were issued inclusive of the adjoining roads.

HDC shared a video post on Monday, in which the corporation's Assistant Manager, Public Relations, Mohamed Siraj said they were currently allocating plots to the recipients of scheme, and said outer walls in some of them are being constructed right now.

Siraj, however,  noted that due to some of the plots allocated by including adjoining roads, the allotment of the plots to their recipients was facing challenges.

Responding to this, Akram alleged HDC's video message was a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.

"The plots have been issued according to the land use plan provided by HDC," Akram said on X.

He added the then Ministry of Housing had set the allocation based on the plans provided by HDC.

Akram further claimed that due to several Chinese construction companies contracted for indefinite periods during President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's tenure as the Housing Minister presented challenges to the previous administration in allocating plots.

He said the previous government earlier decided to relocate the plots designated for housing flat development earlier.

The previous government decided to issue 9,003 plots to 18,955 eligible recipients from the first round of the Binveriya Scheme. The plots were designated from Hulhumale', Gulhifalhu, and Giraavarufalhu.