Coral bleaching as heat levels rise

Photo of a reef affected by coral bleaching. (Photo/The Telegraph)

Maldives Marine Research Institute (MMRI) has reported coral bleaching in some Maldivian regions following the rise in heat levels which has effectively increased the temperature of the sea.

MMRI, in a post on X on Sunday, said that the institute have taken note of localized coral bleaching in some Maldivian regions, adding further bleaching is expected over the next several weeks.

As per the post, Maldives’ sea is presently on ‘Watch’ level following the forecast.

However, MMRI expects the level to increase to ‘Warning’ level in the next four weeks; ‘Alert Level 1’ in the next five to eight weeks and ‘Alert Level 2’ in the next nine to 12 weeks.

MMRI has urged the public to report to the institution if any signs of bleaching is observed via their website or email.

Similar instances of coral bleaching were recorded in the Maldives at around the same time last year.

Coral bleaching is when corals turn white due to various stressors. However, the leading cause of coral bleaching is climate change.