Exams preponed as it coincides with parliamentary election

School students stand in assembly to mark the beginning of the second term on January 7, 2024. (Photo/Infinite Moments/Mohamed Maavee)

The final exams of seventh, eighth and ninth graders have been preponed as the initial dates set for the exams coincide with this parliamentary election.

The final exams are set to commence on April 16th as per the calendar for the prevailing academic year.

Education Ministry, in a circular on Thursday, said the exams have been preponed as the parliamentary election has been scheduled for April 21st.

As per the circular, the exams will now be held between March 26th and April 25th on working days. Some of these days also fall on Ramadan.

The circular also read that schools will have to hold discussions with the focal point allocated for the respective school if they wish to schedule an exam on April 20th – before making a definitive decision.

June 13th was the last day of the second term as per the academic calendar 2023/2024 publicized by the Education Ministry, with the next academic year set to commence on July 31st.

However, following the current administration’s decision to shift the start of the academic year back to January, the commencement of the next academic year was moved to May 26th.