ACC: only MVR 200k out of MVR 50.3 m recovered

During a press briefing by ACC--

Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) reports only MVR 234,531 out of the MVR 50.3 million owed to the government in 2023, was settled.

According to the annual report of ACC, the commission decided seeking MVR 74 million from 15 different cases last year; out of which MVR 50.3 million was demanded from various entities.

So far, state reclaimed money related to only five of these cases.

Statistics show the state made the most number of claims in 2019, worth MVR 160 million, in the last five years. The state's claims stood second highest in 2023, and in 2022, claims stood at a total of MVR 35 million; making it the third highest year.

Although the comission is not enforced legally to monitor financial reclamation; it conducts follow-ups to ensure state receives its owed money accordingly.