Pres vows 24/7 monitoring of Maldives waters

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu delivers address to the nation. (Photo/President's Office)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu on Saturday evening, March 02, 2024, has vowed to begin the works on, and establish a 24/7 monitoring system of the Maldivian waters in March.

While speaking with the locals of Raa atoll Meedhoo during his visit, President Dr. Muizzu highlighted that the area of sea is twice larger than the entire land mass of the Maldives.

He further noted that the Maldives has not been in control of its Exclusive Economic Zone despite its significantly large area.

"Although the [EEZ] is part of our territory, we did not have the capacity to monitor the area," the president commented, while highlighting the zone can be utilized to expand the economy through increased fisheries activities.

"God willing, our work [to monitor the Maldivian waters] will commence in March. We will establish a 24/7 monitoring system during this month," he added.

The president said the establishment of this system will give a sense of security and sovereignty to the Maldives.

The Maldives Coastguard currently seek regular assistance from the militaries of neighboring countries, and carry out some of the special patrolling operations with foreign allies.

Ensurance of Maldivian sovereignty is a key pledge of President Dr. Muizzu and he earlier promised to facilitate modern weaponry and equipment for the military.

One of the first measures taken by the current administration was to deport the Indian soldiers stationed in the Maldives to operate and maintain the Dornier aircraft and helicopters; all of which were gifted by the Indian government.