Red Sea situation impedes staple foods shipment from Turkey

STO delivers staple food supplies to shops in Hulhumale' on April 20, 2020. (Photo/STO)

Staple foods shipment from Turkey to the Maldives is facing delays owing to the conflict in Red Sea, said State Trading Organization on Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

Houthi rebels of Yemen have continued to disrupt transportation through the Red Sea channel as an act of their defiance towards Israel's continued attacks on Palestinian civilians.

The Maldives government earlier signed the agreement with Turkish state for provision of staple foods; including flour, sugar, and rice, to end sole dependency on a singular exporter.

An STO media official said the exact arrival date of the shipment is uncertain right now owing to continued "Red Sea issue".

The official further added only staple foods were imported from Turkey at the moment. They added that STO regularly imports from multiple international exporters, noting previous instances of importing sugar from the United Arab Emirates and flour from Sri Lanka.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu previously announced staple foods rations of sugar and flour, 10 kilogram from each, to be distributed to local households freely ahead of Ramadan.

Dr. Muizzu made the announcement after concluding his official state visit to China.