Pilot program teaching nationalism commenced at 11 schools

Celebrations at Iskandar School to mark the 35th National Poet's Day on January 15, 2022. (Photo/Iskandar School)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu states Education Ministry has commenced a pilot program teaching nationalism at 11 schools in preparation for including nationalism as a separate subject in the curriculum in the next academic year.

He made the remark while responding to a question by L. Maavah School’s Principal Zuleyha Rafeeu inquiring when teaching nationalism through the education sector can be commenced on the ‘Raees ge Javaabu’ series on Monday; a platform that enables the public to get direct responses to their queries and concerns from the President. 

“Nationalism subject is not taught at Laamu Atoll schools under the current education policy to teach nationalism as a subject. Hence, when can this opportunity be facilitated?” she had asked.

Responding to the question – President Muizzu said nationalism is presently taught through a pilot program in preparation to include it as a separate subject in the curriculum.

He added that the Education Ministry is presently implementing the pilot program at 11 schools.

President Muizzu expressed hope of rolling out nationalism as a separate subject at the start of the next academic new year.

Teaching nationalism as a separate subject is an electoral pledge of President Muizzu.