Azim: Projects only handed over to Ministry to manage

Male' Mayor Adam Azim at a meeting of Male' City Council on January 24, 2024. (Photo/Male' City Council)

Male' Mayor Adam Azim states projects of Male' City Council were only delegated to the Housing Ministry to manage, stressing it was not a complete handover.

Azim presided over his first Male’ City Council meeting on Wednesday.

Speaking at the meeting, Azim said he would include mandating the Ministry to submit a monthly report to the Council on the progress of the projects on the agenda of the next Council meeting with respect to the projects handed over to the Ministry during the 130th meeting of the fourth session of Male’ City Council held on January 17th.

As per Azim, 11 projects have been handed over to the Ministry to manage, excluding the responsibilities of the council.

Male' Mayor Adam Azim chairs a meeting of Male' City Council on January 24, 2024. (Photo/Male' City Council)

They are:

  • Development of a commercial building in Vilimale’
  • Development of Male’ Wholesale Centre
  • Development of Male’ Mix Local Market at the location of the Local Market
  • Development of 14 parking building
  • Development of an office building at Fishermen’s Park
  • Development of an outdoor park in Vilimale’
  • Development of 500 housing units in Vilimale’
  • Re-development of Sinamale’ flats to include 1,500 units
  • Vilimale’ women’s market and futsal stadium project
  • Male’ facility upgrade project

At the meeting, Azim assured to provide all cooperation required from him by the government without any obstruction, particularly with respect to matters that will be beneficial to the people.

He appealed to inform him directly if the government is facing any difficulties due to Male’ City Council under his mayorship.

Prior to this, Azim, as mayor-elect, called to cease the efforts to shift the projects of Male’ City Council to Housing Ministry, describing the decision had been influenced by the government despite Male’ residents showcasing how they wished matters related to the city to proceed during the mayoral by-election.

Azim was elected Male’ Mayor on opposition MDP’s ticket. However, Male’ City Council’s majority is held by ruling PPM-PNC coalition.