MVR 100 million from money owed to fishermen to be paid tomorrow

File photo of fishermen at sea. (File Photo/Dhivehi Masverin)

Fisheries Ministry, on Tuesday night, said MVR 100 million out of the money owed to fishermen by the government will be paid tomorrow.

MIFCO, in addition to Fisheries Ministry, have also stated the money will be paid to fishing vessels tomorrow.

Speaking at the official function held to mark the Fishermen’s Day on December 10th – President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said his administration, since assuming office, have begun paid money owed to fishermen by the government that has been long overdue.

As per the President, approximately MVR 140 million had been owed to fishermen as of then. He said the relevant government authorities were undertaking efforts to pay the money as soon as possible.

Money had been disbursed to fishermen before and after he made the remark.

Fishermen have raised concern on social media over non-payment of money owed to fish sold by them subsequent to which some vessels have been obstructed from continuing fisheries operations.