IGMH to create new section with separate lab for medical checkups

Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH). (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) will establish a new section with a separate laboratory for medical checkups, says Aasandha Company’s managing director Aminath Zeeniya.

In an interview to PSM’s Raajje Miadhu on Monday, Zeeniya said that in addition to a separate lab system, the new section will also have a separate room for ECG.

She added that the queue system for medical checkups will be more convenient.

“This queue will be different from the queues for other medical consultations,” she said.

Aasandha’s Managing Director Aminath Zeeniya gives an interview to Sun. (Photo/Infinite Moments/Mohamed Maavy)

Zeeniya said the service will also be available from clinics in Male’ and Hulhumale’, and health centers in the atolls.

National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) had announced the commencement of free medical checkups for people aged above 50 on Monday, with plans to gradually expand the service to other age categories.

As such, free medical checkups will be expanded to include people aged below 19, and people aged between 35 and 49 on April 1, and people aged between 19 and 34 on July 1.


NSPA’s CEO Heena Waleed told PSM that the decision to provide Aasandha health insurance coverage for biannual medical checkups is not expected to increase the expenditure on Aasandha by much, as the service will only be available from public health facilities.

She said the government was currently reviewing the spending on and provision of services under Aasandha, with the goal of prioritizing treatment for major diseases.

“Therefore, it will not be that much of a burden,” she said.

Heena noted that President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has added initiatives to expand and strengthen the health system in his manifesto, including the construction of a cancer hospital, and a specialized women and children’s hospital.

“Through all this, we will be able to expand and enhance the services provided to the public, and significantly minimize expenditure through this scheme,” she said.