Entry to Hulhumale’ Phase III banned over spread of mosquito-borne diseases

Hulhuamale' Phase III. (Photo/Urbanco)

Unpermitted entry to Hulhumale’ Phase III has been banned.

Urbanco, on Tuesday, said health authorities have been repeatedly warning to take precautions over the increased spread of mosquito-born diseases while an increase of mosquitos has been observed in Hulhumale’.

The corporation, highlighting Hulhumale’ Phase III to be an area where a large amount of construction is underway while it also comprises of empty land plots and large trees and grass, urged workers in the area to exercise caution.

Urbanco stressed that Hulhumale’ Phase III is not an area open for the public despite which they have taken note of members of the general public entering the area infrequently albeit multiple warnings.

Therewith, the corporation said they, with Tuesday’s announcement, was informing a ban on entering Hulhumale’ Phase III with the exception of mandatory purposes.

The mosquito-borne disease, Filiarisis, was detected in Kulhudhuffushi City on December 14th.

Since then, Maldives has confirmed 32 cases of filariasis – 25 in Kulhudhuffushi City – and seven in the greater Male’ area.

So far, the cases have been restricted to the country’s migrant population.

Urbanco has launched a campaign in Hulhumale' in collaboration with the relevant authorities to curb the spread of the disease which includes a major initiative to identify and eliminate mosquito breeding grounds in the suburb.