Six couples conceive after IVF treatment from Tree Top

Tree Top Hospital. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Tree Top Hospital has announced that six out of 10 couples who underwent IVF treatment at the facility have successfully conceived.

The announcement was made during a press conference on Thursday.

Speaking at the press conference, Dr. Zakiya Ahmed, a specialist in reproductive medicine and infertility, and head of the hospital’s fertility clinic, said that total 16 couples have started IVF treatment at the private hospital.

Six of the couples have yet to do the embryo transfer procedure.

But six out of the 10 couples who have completed the procedure have successfully conceived.

Zakiya said that patients conceived from their first treatment cycle and first transfer.

Zakiya said that the same as other medical procedures, IVF, too, has its risks. She said that while different patients are open to different risks, there are also certain generalized risks.

She said that doctors meet the patients two-three weeks prior to the treatment, and brief them about the risks.

Tree Top’s CEO Adeel Moosa said he believes the hospital’s IVF service to be a success. He noted that the entire process is conducted at the hospital itself.

He said that the hospital is committed to introducing new services that aren’t available in Maldives, adding that it was also why the hospital opened its fertility clinic.

Dr. Anita Gour, an OBGYN at the hospital, said the fertility clinic offers world-class service. She said that 150 patients are currently waitlisted for treatment.

Tree Top opened Maldives’ first fertility treatment center back in May.