Muizzu: Maldives needs support from all countries for its defense, not just any one country

President Elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu captured during an interview with foreign media outlet Channel News Asia (CNA)

President elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has remarked that Maldives needs the assistance of all countries to support its defence, and not just any one power.

In an interview with foreign news outlet Channel News Asia (CNA), Muizzu, who is engaged in discussions with the Indian government for the removal of Indian soldiers, described the removal of foreign troops as a matter of national security.

“The people of Maldives have very clearly spoken during this campaign, that they have given me a mandate of removing foreign military presence from the Maldives. Whether it's India or any other country, it doesn't matter to us,” he said.

He added that India will continue to be a “close friend” of the Maldives despite the removal of troops

However, he stressed Maldives still needs foreign assistance to strengthen its military, stressing it should not be reliant on just any one country.

In this trajectory, he said Maldives will maintain good and close relations with all countries, whether they are small or big, adding bilateral relations are built on mutual trust and respect. He also remarked he was keen on making sure Maldives gets the maximum benefit from its relations with foreign nations

In his interview, Muizzu also talked about his wishes for Maldives to play a more active role in Indo-Pacific security and regional maritime discussion.

However, the incoming president, who is labeled “pro-China” in foreign media, said Maldives is too small a nation to be entangled in the geopolitical fight between bigger nations, referring to India and China.

“I'm pro-Maldives, I believe that we are too small a nation to be entangled in this so-called geopolitical fight between bigger nations,” he had said.