Commissioner of Prisons Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu submits resignation

Commissioner of Prisons Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Commissioner of Prisons Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu has submitted his resignation on Wednesday.

In a message to the press, CP Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu said he submitted his resignation to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih today, which will be effective from Sunday, November 19th.

He added that he had given his full potential to enhance and develop Maldives Correctional Service (MCS).

Expressing gratitude to have had the opportunity to work alongside everyone to achieve the objectives of MCS, he thanked fellow colleagues for the support he has received from that throughout the last three years and 10 months.

CP Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu also said he will be visiting all prisons and commands on Thursday, to say his final goodbye.

Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu was appointed Commissioner of Prisons on January 21, 2020, following the resignation of Abdulla Munaz who previously held the post. Prior to this, he was serving as Inspector of Correctional Service.