MVR 30M for the survey of Hithadhoo-Hulhumeedhoo bridge

Addu City's Hithadhoo.

MVR 30 million has been allocated for the survey required to commence physical works on the bridge linking Addu City’s Hithadhoo and Hulhumeedhoo in the state budget proposed for next year, in accordance with the electoral pledge made by President-Elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

Linking Addu City’s Hithadhoo and Hulhumeedhoo via a bridge is a pledge made by former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom during his bid for a second term in 2018’s presidential election. Muizzu, who was elected on PPM-PNC’s ticket, has made the same pledge, to honor coalition leader Yameen’s pledge.

Muizzu has stated that physical works on Hithadhoo-Hulhumeedhoo bridge will commence in his first year in office. He has denied allegations by some people claiming the project was unachievable.

The Hithadhoo-Hulhumeedhoo bridge is the largest project outside of Male’ in the budget proposed for next year.

The largest allocations in next year’s budget; MVR 400 million has been reserved for the reclamation of Fushidhiggaru Falhu, and MVR 118 million for housing projects.

The budget has an allocation of MVR 8.6 billion for PSIP projects, of which MVR 1.5 billion is reserved for the projects planned by the incoming administration. Some of these projects is for Addu City.