MRC raise MVR 1.6M for Palestine, to be donated in full

Maldivian Red Crescent (MRC) has said that they raised MVR 1.6 million as of Tuesday to aid the Palestinian people in Gaza, which they said will be donated in full, without MRC charging any percentage of the funds.

The fund was opened in response to the Palestinian Red Crescent's appeal for aid, MRC Secretary General Fathimath Himya, at a press conference on Thursday, while sharing the latest updates of MRC's undertakings. 

“We would like to note that all proceeds from this fund will be donated directly to the Palestinian Red Crescent's fund,” she said.

MRC has extended the fund until November 12 due to the changing situation in the Palestinian conflict and at the request of some members of the public, Himya said.

However, Himya said they are working to send the funds that have been collected so far to the Palestinian Red Crescent by Saturday.

“We have already started discussions with the Palestinian Red Crescent and other relevant banks to facilitate the handover process,” she said.

More than 6,000 Palestinian Muslims have been killed in Israel's war against the Palestinians. They include more than 2,700 children, more than 1,500 women, and more than 300 elderly people.