10 hectares of land reclaimed from Hulhumale’ Phase 3

Reclamation of Hulhumale' Phase III's Area A completed. (Photo/Urbanco)

The reclamation of 10 hectares of land from Hulhumale’ Phase 3 has been completed.

Urbanco, in a statement on Friday, said the reclamation of Area A in Hulhumale Phase 3, which began first, has been completed, following which the reclamation of Area B had commenced.

The corporation has appealed to relocate vessels docked at Area B before Sunday as reclamation works are underway.

Vessels docked at Area B of Hulhumale' Phase 3 where reclamation works are ongoing. (Photo/Urbanco)

Reclamation of Site A was initially scheduled to be completed by last Friday. However, Urbanco the reclamation works were delayed due to waste discarded in the area.

Physical works on the reclamation of Hulhumale’ Phase 3 began on September 22nd.

The land is being reclaimed for issuance of land to recipients under the current administration’s ‘Binveriya’ scheme.

63 hectares of land will be reclaimed under this project, from which 700 land plots will be issued.

Reclamation projects are also underway at Gulhifalhu and Giraavarufalhu to issue land for recipients under the ‘Binveriya’ scheme.