Fine for lost passports reduced to MVR 2,000

Maldivian passport. (Photo/Rajjemv)

The passport regulations have been revised to limit the fine on renewal of lost passports to maximum MVR 2,000.

The amended regulation was published on the Government Gazette on Wednesday.

Previously, renewal of lost passports was subject to a fine of MVR 5,000-MVR 20,000. The fine was MVR 10,000 if was the second time for the applicant to lose the passport, and MVR 30,000 for the third time.

With the new amendment, renewal of lost passports, if they are expired, are not subject to a fine. And if it’s a valid passport, submission of a police report to prove it didn’t result from negligence will limit the fine to maximum MVR 2,000.

The new amendment also allows people to use their passports to travel overseas in emergency situations even if they have outstanding fines.

Additional changes include changes to circumstances where more than one passport can be issued. And, parents have been charged with the responsibility of looking after passports of children with disabilities.