EC officials to receive allowance this week

Elections Commission (EC)'s Vice President Ismail Habeeb.

Election Commission Vice President Ismail Habeeb states officials who worked in the runoff of the 2023's presidential elections alongside other members of the task force will receive their allowance this week. 

Speaking to Sun on Tuesday, Habeeb said that the Election Commission will hand over the details to Finance Ministry this week so that the allowance maybe deposited to the accounts of officials and task force members. 

He further said MVR 18 million was incurred to pay everyone who was in the task force in both rounds of the elections.

Habeeb noted this did not include just the officials, but also trainees. 

He underscored that allowance in the first round has been distributed to everyone who worked at polling centres in all the islands, adding the only people who haven’t received that allowance were some who worked at polling centres in some resorts.

The first round of the presidential elections was held on September 9th, and the runoff was held on September 30th.