MVR 1M roughly received in donations for Palestine fund

A Palestinian man in front of a mosque destroyed by Israel strikes.

The International Aid Campaign (IAC) has revealed they received roughly MVR 1 million in donations for the relief fund opened for Palestine within just one day’s span.

An official from IAC said they received MVR 100,000 in donations within two hours after the fund was launched on Sunday morning. The official stressed that donations have now been increased to roughly MVR 1 million.

Speaking further, the official this was the second such fund set up this year to assist Palestinians. Anyone can donate as much money as they want into the fund.

In this regard, IAC said donations can be made by transferring money to their BML Islamic account.

Account Number: 7770000062741

Account Name: International Aid Campaign

IAC said the prices of these projects are based on an average of 12.5 percent of expenses, including estimated costs for project operation, maintenance, sustainment, administrative operations, and development.

413 people have died and over 2,300 people have been injured within the past two days of escalated violence between Palestine and Israel. The deceased include 78 children and 41 women.