Muizzu calls for unity and urges to prioritize the nation

President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu holds a press conference after the presidential election on September 30, 2023.

In the hours of success, President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has called on Maldivian citizens to come together and unite.

Muizzu held a press conference amid the official announcement of the provisional results of the election by the Elections Commission (EC), where he delivered a message to the public.

In his message, Muizzu described the hour of celebration as the time for all Maldivian citizens to come together and unite. Citing the nation to be bigger than every individual, the president-elect stressed the importance of prioritizing the nation than one’s self-interest.

“Each Maldivian citizen is equal before me. No matter their political affiliation, they are a Maldivian citizen in front of me. They are entitled to the same rights. They are entitled to equality in everything,” he said.

Speaking further. Muizzu urged against any kind of acts that would disturb the peace of the nation. He called to uphold good behavior and character even while celebrating success.

Noting there will be people who attempt to create disturbances – Muizzu urged not to give chances to such individuals.

Speaking further, Muizzu said today’s result had emboldened him to build the future of the nation. He added that it had also been a step in the right path to ensure the independence of the nation.

“This stands testament to how much Maldivian citizens desire to brighten the future of the nation,” he added.

He described the upcoming days as days he will work towards altering the course of the nation to the path hoped by the people.

The opposition PPM-PNC coalition’s candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu led the polls as the provisional result of the runoff round of the presidential election held today. While results of all but one of the 586 ballot boxes placed in the election have been announced – Muizzu won the election by a landslide difference of over 18,000 votes.

In total, Muizzu received 126,160 votes while the incumbent president received 107,444 votes.

President Solih had only managed to secure majority from two atolls; Alifu Alifu Atoll and Addu City.

Muizzu led the polls in the first round which saw a total of eight candidates. In this regard, Muizzu secured a total of 46 percent of votes, just four percent shy of the 50 percent required to win an election outright. President Solih secured 39 percent of the votes in the first round.