285 applications received for officials in runoff

A voter casts his ballot at a polling station in Male' City during the presidential election on September 9, 2023. (Sun Photo)

Elections Commission (EC) states they have received over 280 applications for officials in the runoff round of the presidential election slated for this Saturday.

Applications for officials opened on last Thursday.

EC’s Vice Chairperson Ismail Habeeb told Sun on Tuesday that the commission has received 285 applications as of yesterday, since Thursday.

EC’s biggest struggle in the first round of the election had been finding officials. The commission even had to make a second announcement seeking to hire additional officials after many who had applied in response to the initial announcement were found uncooperative.

Elections Commission (EC)'s Vice President Ismail Habeeb.

On the contrary, Habeeb noted receiving significant support from the public in just a five-day span since the commission opened applications for officials on Thursday. He assured that EC will be able to manage its undertakings for the runoff once they secure 300 officials.

“Have to say the response is better for the announcement for this round than the last,” he stressed.

The deadline to submit applications is Friday.

EC is conducting training sessions for officials as part of the commission’s preparations for the runoff slated for Saturday, September 30.  

A total of 282,395 people were eligible to vote in the first round of the election. With 409 individuals set to turn 18 by September 30th, 282.804 people are eligible to vote in the runoff this Saturday.