Reclamation of 63 hectares of land from Hulhumale’ commences

Reclamation of Hulhumale' Phase III commences on September 22, 2023. (Phott/Urbanco)

The reclamation of Hulhumale’ Phase three for issuance of land to recipients under the ‘Binveriya’ scheme has commenced on Friday.

63 hectares of land will be reclaimed under this project.

Urbanco attributed the project to efforts underway to overcome various difficulties faced in the Male’ City.

“This project will provide a significant easement to housing constraints faced by a large number of Male’ residents for years, and improve their living conditions to make their dreams a reality,” the corporation said.

Reclamation of Hulhumale' Phase III commences on September 22, 2023. (Photo/Urbanco)

Urbanco noted plans to develop services and resources residents will need at Hulhumale’ Phase III, similar to how previous phases of the suburb have been developed and are under further development.

In this regard, roads, bridges and parks will be built under this project.

700 land plots will be issued from the reclaimed area under the government’s ‘Binveriya’ housing scheme.

While the tentative list had listed 19,858 eligible applicants, the permanent list lists 19,865 eligible applicants.

Housing Ministry previously said that 18,955 applicants will receive plots from the land that is currently available, while the remaining 684 applicants receive plots from land that will be added later. They include applicants who are under 25 years of age and are unmarried and childless.

Land issuance from reclaimed areas of Hulhumale’ and Gulhifalhu have already begun while reclamation works at other locations for issuance of land under the government’s ‘Binveriya’ scheme are well underway.