Tree Top Hospital launches cancer screening clinic

Tree Top Hospital.

The Tree Top Hospital in Hulhumale’ has opened a cancer screening clinic.

The clinic was opened on Wednesday.

According to the Tree Top Hospital, the opening of the clinic is intended to provide patients with the expertise to reliably identify, reassure or verify any concerns they have about cancer.

The hospital’s cancer screening clinic is run by a multispecialty team, including experts in family medicine, oncology, gastroenterology, obstetrics and gynecology, pulmonology, as well as internal medicine, to provide and encourage preventative medicine so those who are at risk, either hereditarily or because of lifestyle, can start taking the right steps.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death, accounting for nearly 10 million deaths globally, in 2020.

According to figures released by the WHO, Maldives had about 496 new cancer cases, and 264 deaths in 2020.

The opening of the cancer screening clinic comes three months after the Tree Top Hospital opened an IVF clinic – the first fertility clinic in Maldives.

Tree Top Hospital says they are committed to providing their patients with the highest standard of clinical care, through their experienced and highly trained specialists, combined with a wide variety of interests and expertise, to offer the latest services and information.