Motorist injured in a road accident at Fuvahmulah City dies

Fuvahmulah City.

A motorist who was being treated for injuries sustained in a road accident in Fuvahmulah City has passed away.

Police said the accident was reported to the authority at approximately 10:25pm on Saturday night.

The 30-year-old man, as per the police, was driving at a high speed, and skidded on a speed bumper.

Police said he was first treated at Fuvahmulah City, and later transferred to ADK Hospital for further treatment, where he passed away.

It was noted by the police that the man held a valid driver’s license.

The accident is under further investigation.

A fatality was recorded in a dangerous collision between a car and a motorcycle in L. Gan the previous Saturday. The motorist, a 41-year-old, had died in the accident.