Land reclamation to start this week in Hulhumale' lagoon

Aerial view of Hulhumale phase 2. (Photo/Isles)

Urbanco will start dredging in Hulhumale' Phase II lagoon this week to dredge the land needed for the land to be allocated under the Binveriyaa Scheme.

In an announcement issued today, Urbanco has ordered the removal of vessels docked in the area of ​​the lagoon that dredging will commence in Hulhumale' Phase II. The company has also provided the opportunity to dock and moor the vessels outside the area.

Urbanco had ordered the removal of the vessels docked in the area last month as well.

A large portion of the dredged area will be reserved to give land to Male’ inhabitants for free.

The area was dredged by the last government and a marina was planned to be developed there.

Sri Lanka's Capital Marine and Civil Construction Company Pvt Ltd (CMC) has been awarded the contract to dredge the land.

The area that will be dredged to give land in Hulhumale will be the place where safaris are currently docked. The place where the safaris will be docked will be the lagoon of Dhiyaneru, near Thilafushi. CMC has also been assigned to dredge the land to develop docks for the safaris in that lagoon.

Under the project, 62.6 hectares will be dredged for Phase III of Hulhumale and 24.6 hectares of land will be dredged in Dhiyaneru lagoon.

Aside from Hulhumale, the government has decided to give land from Giraavaru Falhu and Gulhifalhu. Of these, 1,351 plots will be allocated in Hulhumale, 2,218 plots in Gulhifalhu and 5,432 plots in Giraavaru Falhu.

The final list of landowners under the scheme has been made public and the process of measuring the plots have begun. The Housing Ministry said the land dredging will be completed, plots will be measured and landowners will receive their registry before November 11.