Step Ayya arrested for allegedly holding a man captive and robbing him

Ali Shahid (Step Ayya), 43, Dhafthar No. 035, Male' City. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

Ali Shahid (Step Ayya) was arrested on Tuesday in connection to the case of robbing a man after holding him captive.

Police, in a statement on Wednesday, said a person has been arrested for holding a man captive inside a house in Male’ City, where he was beaten and forced to transfer money from his bank account.

The case, Police said, was submitted to the authority on August 4th. They also noted that the arrest was made under a court order.

Although Police did not disclose the identity of the suspect, Sun has learned it was Step Ayya who was arrested under a court order.

“The case is under further investigation by the Police,” the Police said.

Police, in an earlier announcement this month, sought to locate Step Ayya in a separate case. In this regard, the announcement said they were seeking to locate Step Ayya to serve summons to appear for the investigation of a forgery case under investigation by the Economic Crime Department.

Despite the announcement, Step Ayya has been spotted at various campaign events afterward.

Step Ayya, who rose to fame through the film industry, is now mostly seen in the political arena.