Dr Muizzu pledges to end dismissals based dress code

Dr. Muizzu speaking at N.Manadhoo.

The Presidential candidate from opposition coalition Dr Mohamed Muizzu on Thursday pleged to end discrimination and work place and dismissals due to dressing in a certain manner.

He said this while speaking in N.Manadhoo, on a campaign visit. 

Noting that Maldivians are proud Muslims, and that things in Maldives should be done within Islamic Sharia, Muizzu said despite this, there are some who are working to introduce various influences.

"We need to keep our eyes open for all of these things."

He said that parents should be aware of such things while parenting children, starting from a very young age. 

Moreover, he pledged not to discriminate anyone based on how they dress, especially if it fits into the religious teachings. He reiterated that anyone, no matter how they dress, if it's in accordance to Islam, would not be discriminated. 

"No one should be dismissed from their job because of how they dress."

Muizzu who is the incumbent Mayor of Male' City said that people dressing in a wide range are given opportunities within the council. 

Code of conduct released by the government for teachers mandate all teachers to be in an identifiable manner during teaching. With that, there was much concerns on whether nigabi teachers would be able to teach.

However, a few days back, changes were brought to this. In the updated code of conduct, it is stated that only teachers teaching children below the age of 10 have to be reveal their faces. But, if the teaching environment is not a place where they can teach without nigab, they can conceal their faces.

The code of conduct further mandates nigabi teachers to have their staff card on person at all times.