Provisional list of land recipients from Addu out and opened for complaints

Addu City. (Photo/Times of Addu)

The provisional list of land recipients from Addu City was released on Thursday, and is subsequently open for submission of complaints.

Earlier, Addu City Council announced its decision to issue plots to all eligible applicants.

Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar told Sun on Wednesday that the eligible applicants include unmarried youth.

He said that only a few of the applicants were deemed ineligible.

Plots will be issued from existing land and land that is being reclaimed in the city.

193 hectors of land are being reclaimed under the MVR 1.5 billion land reclamation project in Addu. There is also a project underway to reclaim 42 hectors of land in Hulhumeedhoo.

The decision to issue land to all eligible applicants follows a similar decision in Male’. A draw is underway to allocate land to recipients from Hulhumale’, Gulhifalhu, and Giraavarufalhu.