Faris files candidacy as independent candidate

Faris Maumoon (CL) submits his candidacy on August 7, 2023. (Sun Photo)

Maldives Reform Movement (MRM)’s president Faris Maumoon has filed his candidacy for the upcoming presidential election as an independent candidate.

Faris submitted his candidacy to the elections center on Monday afternoon. He was accompanied by his running mate, Dr. Abdul Sattar Yoosuf.

Faris announced his running mate Abdul Sattar, who has years of experience in the health sector and has written numerous books on social issues, on Sunday.

Faris had initially planned on running in the election on behalf of MRM, but later decided to contest independently, due to the legal battle between MRM and Elections Commission (EC) over the commission’s decision to dissolve the party for failure to bring up its membership to 3,000, as mandated by law.

The Civil Court granted an injunction to freeze the enforcement of EC’s decision in May, but has yet to make a final ruling.

Faris collected the signatures of 1,500 people required by independent candidates to contest the presidential elections last week.

Seven candidates have filed their candidacy for the September 9 election so far:

They are:

  • President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (MDP)
  • Dr. Mohamed Muizzu (PPM-PNC)
  • Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim (MNP)
  • Qasim Ibrahim (JP)
  • Former home minister Umar Naseer (Independent)
  • Former deputy defense minister Hassan Zameel (Independent)
  • Faris Maumoon (Independent)