Umar gathers 2,000 signatures to endorse candidacy

Umar Naseer holds a door-to-door campaign event in Male' City on July 17, 2023.

Independent presidential candidate Umar Naseer has gathered 2,000 signatures to endorse his candidacy.

Independent presidential candidates are required to submit the signatures of 1,500 endorsees when submitting their candidacy form.

The former home minister announced the endorsement of 2,000 people in a Facebook Live on Friday.

Umar said that his campaign team began work on collecting the signatures just five days ago.

He said that his team had been receiving calls from people volunteering to endorse his candidacy.

Umar said he plans on making house calls to boost his endorsement.

Umar said that more than a campaign, his team’s efforts have become a movement focused on addressing the major issues facing the country.

“I believe that more than a campaign, this has now turned into a movement. A lot of people are joining in. They take grabbed this white rope,” he said.

Umar said he started his campaign, not to unseat the current president, but to address major issues such as drug trafficking and gang violence, and put the country on a new track.