Hospitals on alert over sudden increase in diarrhea and vomiting

Hospitals in the Maldivian capital are in a state of alert, following a sudden outbreak in diarrhea and vomiting among children.

Hospitals in Male’, including the Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), the ADK Hospital, and the Senahiya Hospital all report receiving a large number of patients who present the symptoms.

ADK Hospital’s managing director Ahmed Af’aal said the specific cause of the outbreak will be decided following an investigation by health authorities.

He confirmed that the ADK Hospital has been receiving a large number of patients with the symptoms, but warned against speculation.

Dr. Ahmed Faisal, a pediatrician from IGMH, said the hospital has treated a large number of children the past week, most of them suffering from vomiting.

Faisal said it was due to a viral fever currently spreading in Male’, but said the number of patients had been unusually high the past two days.

He suggested that it might be because of more travel and public gatherings during the Independence Day holiday.

Faisal advised the public to take special care in maintaining hygiene, including frequently washing hands.

He also advised people suffering from the symptoms to take medicine to prevent vomiting, and increase their fluid intake.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) states it is working with relevant authorities to identify the cause of the outbreak.