President says Maldives achieved ‘complete freedom’ last 5 years

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaks at the official ceremony to mark Maldives' 58th Independence Day on July 26, 2023. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih states that the last five years has seen the establishment of complete freedom in Maldives.

He made the remark in his address at the official ceremony to mark Maldives' 58th Independence Day on Wednesday.

In his address, President Solih said that Maldives had achieved complete political freedom in all fields over the past five years, providing the people with comprehensive political, domestic, and foreign freedoms while safeguarding their civil liberties.

The president said that the most significant satisfaction an individual can derive from independence is the protection of their civil liberties.

He continued by saying that the people have long grasped their civil rights to make headway in developmental efforts, such as educating their children.

The president described the Maldives’ strong ties with the international community as the most significant binding force in defending and preserving the nation’s independence.

He said that the strong relations have enabled the country to accelerate its economic development, making progress towards enhancing individual livelihoods and household revenues.

The president said that protecting and preserving the nation’s sovereignty is the administration’s utmost priority.

He reaffirmed his continued commitment to safeguarding the honor and dignity of the country.

The president also paid tribute to the nation’s revered independence heroes in his address.

The Maldives commemorates its Independence Day every year on July 26th.